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Flickr is where you’re able to download all my photos in the highest quality. I’ve uploaded images, 1920px along the longest edge, to my Flickr account where they’re all available for download. If for any reason you want an original RAW file of a photo, please feel free to contact me. I’ll supply it if I can.

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One of my published walks on ViewRanger

One of my published walks on ViewRanger


ViewRanger is the GPS app I use when I walk. For this reason, every walk I do is uploaded to this website so I can access it on my phone. Not all are published but every walk that features on this website is.

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My Twitter Page


Twitter is my preferred way of posting photos while I’m out and about. Sadly, not everywhere has the best coverage but you never know, I might tweet something you like.

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My Facebook Page



Facebook is where I’ll announce new walks that have been published and put photos of walks not featured on the site.

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