No website is an island. Here are some links to websites that I use to help plan walks, to get inspiration for walks or sites that are similar to mine.

If you’re interested in a link-swap, give me a shout on my twitter page or by e-mail.

Walk Planning & Navigation

The GPS software I use. Compatible with Apple iPhone, Android and Symbian.

Ordnance Survey Getamap
What I use to plan all of my walks. Allows export to GPX and KML formats and Garmin devices.

Photos of more or less every OS square in the U.K. Great to discover an area before setting off.

Google Maps
Clear road maps, directions and StreetView combine to become one of the most powerful walk planning aids.
This site does ten day forecasts and shows trends from previous years.

How Far Can I Travel?
Put in how long you want to drive for and it tells you how far you can go in that time. Great for seeing if places are too far away or not.

GPS Visualizer
Allows me to add elevation information to the GPX files I export from OS Getamap.

Other Walking Sites

The Walking Englishman
A major inspiration of this website, a great site packed full to the brim of fantastic walks from all over the U.K.

Pennine Prospects
A site full of things to do in the South Pennines. As I think the URL is more descriptive than the site’s real name, it’s generally referred to as around this site.

Walkers Are Welcome
A list of towns all over the U.K. which are perfect for walking from and to.

V-G Backpacking in Britain
Lovely remote walks all over the place. Some great gear reviews, too.

Walking Britain
Thousands of pages of walks and information.

Walk In Yorkshire
A slightly different kind of walking website. On top of walk write-ups like this site, it has reviews of other self-guided walking sites and thoughts and feelings on walking in general.

My Pennines
A comprehensive walking website with walks all over the UK but especially the Pennines.


A brilliant, massively detailed and comprehensive digital camera review site.